Ugh! Is that a WRINKLE?

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The truth is I have been working in a cosmetic role for 28 years and honestly before I started I didn't understand or know anything about why people showed aging on their skin. I mean, let's face it (pun not intended), I was 24 years old,  in love and I worked in the funnest industry imaginable: cosmetics. However, it wasn't long until I really began to understand why a good skincare routine was going to be the game changer. 

Day by day, I learned that my skin wasn't going to continue looking young without some commitment, education and good products. Although, good genetics play apart of good skin, it's not even close to being the only part. 

The first thing you learn in the skincare industry is that the way your skin looks can be summed up by the simple statement: Cause and Reaction. Everything we do makes a difference whether immediately or long term. 

Here's what you need to know:

1. Ultraviolet radiation speeds up the aging process and is the primary cause of early wrinkles. UV light breaks down the corrective tissues - collagen and elastin.

Solution: I am not going to tell you to stay inside all day, every day and while wearing a large brim hat is ideal some of the time it's not practical all of the time. SO APPLY SUNSCREEN!!! I shouldn't need to further advance the knowledge that sun exposure can cause skin cancer. I am only stressing that Sunscreen protects your skin from aging! It's a simple process that you pay dividends as you age. The Beauty Rescue team love A-Cute Derm Pro-tect Spf 20 or SPF 30 Lotions. These products are extremely high quality sunscreens that protect over-exposure to UVA/UVB/UVC radiation. We love that it lasts 24 hours with one application. 

2. Your skin needs the right balance of oils and hydration. 

Solution:  Easy!  Find the right products! Hyaluronic Acid in a lotion is ideal to insure you skin is holding on to the necessary moisture to keep your skin from becoming dry. "Naturally produced in the human body, (hyaluronic acid) is a type of sugar molecule that keeps our tissues cushioned and lubricated," explains Birnur Aral, Ph.D., director of the Good Housekeeping Institute Beauty Lab. There's an immediate benefit to adding hydration. Fine lines will be smoothed as the extra hydration plumps the skin. Because Hyaluronic Acid can hold more than 1000x it's weight, your moisturizer will work better too! A moisturizer can contain the necessary oils and hydration you need. We recommend the Triple threat complex of Hyaluronic Acid found in Deep Hydration Gel Cream from Agera.  

 3. Wash and exfoliate your skin.

In order for the products you have invested in to truly be effective you need to insure the ingredients can penetrate the skin. We must remove the impurities on our skin and the layers of dry dead skin. If a client tells me that they aren't seeing a difference with their new products, often after working with them, I would find that their skin was not being regularly exfoliated. Use both mechanical  and chemical exfoliants like Retinol, Salycilic Acid, Glycolic Acid and other fruit acids. Find what works for you and commit to at least twice a week. Ultra 10 Rejuvenating Face & Body Lotion by A-Cute Derm is a great starting place.  

Let's start with these 3 essentials first! 

Wash twice daily and exfoliate twice a week 

Hydrate and moisturize daily


I can honestly say that after 28 years my skin looks pretty good and I am thrilled that my commitment to my routine made a difference.

I hope you find your perfect products at Beauty Rescue today and start seeing a difference tomorrow. 


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