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Who We Are:
We are a group of skincare professionals working within the industry for 30 years. It is our passion to present our clients with proven, highly effective products that work.
By working closely with the most respected laboratories, dermatologists, aestheticians, clients and friends, we focus on products that produce the best results in this ever changing and demanding market.
Why We Do What We Do:
Yes, good skincare exists in many locations but it isn't always easy to decipher what makes the most sense and what will deliver the best results for your skin. Beauty Rescue acts as your guide by selling products that will perform. Beauty Rescue is a knowledge courier on your journey to great skin.
At Beauty Rescue, our goal is to free you from all the competing messages, confusing ingredients and to present you with a program that will help your skin look its absolute best. 
If you are already a skincare expert then you will truly appreciate the quality of the skincare products showcased.
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The Beauty Rescue Team
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