Cleanse your troubles away!

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Great skin begins and ends with proper cleansing!

Make-up should AMPLIFI your beautiful skin not cover up skin issues.

Good cleansing habits are essential to control or prevent acne breakouts, calm sensitive skin, help skin age gracefully, and prep your skin to receive maximum benefits from your treatment products.

1. Take time:  Very seldom does anyone cleanse for the proper amount of time. To properly cleanse, massage cleanser onto skin for at least 30 seconds.  (ex. it takes 30 seconds for the Glycolic Acid in the Clear Cleansing Gel to penetrate the skin) 
2. Don't dilute:  Apply cleanser to dry skin with dry hands, it will bind better to dirt and oils without water, let the product do it's job then rinse with warm water.  
3. Cleanse in the shower: Steam opens the pores and liquefies oils making them easier to wash away.
4. Don't over cleanse:  Over cleansing strips natural oils causing dry dull skin. Cleanse no more than twice daily.

AMPLIFI by Clinical Aesthetics has the perfect cleanser for every skin type!

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